Armchair Diaries: What Really Happens When Mom Breaks Her Arm?

Armchair diaries: Mom breaks her arm and learns what she can and can't do

Funny story. Well, more ironic than funny. I’m calling it my ‘soccer injury’. (As in: I ‘injured’ myself leaving my 6-yr old daughter’s ‘soccer’ game last Wednesday.) Wet, grassy hill meets Birkenstocks. The result? A really loud, audible crunch. Official diagnosis: one broken elbow. Funny, right? Let’s face it, with a … Continue reading

When Kids Do Awesome Stuff: My Daughter Sheds her Locks for Angel Hair for Kids

Ten-yr old cuts hair to donate to Angel Hair for Kids

My daughter. I’m so proud. She asked me not to make a big deal of this, after all, she is hardly the first, but I’m sharing her moment of selflessness, regardless (since these moments are fleeting at the ‘me, me, me’ stage of a pre-teen.) She required no prompting. My … Continue reading

Summer Boredom Busters: Michaels Passport to Imagination

Michaels Passport to Imagination

Still looking for something to do with the kids this summer? Something that won’t break the bank? Michaels is offering seven weeks of summer crafting fun for kids aged 5-12! From July 7th to August 22nd between 10am and noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Michaels will take kids on a … Continue reading

Tearful 12-year old Romy on The Voice Australia: Are kids equipped to deal with rejection on an international stage?

The Voice Kids Australia - 12-yr old breaks down in tears

Let’s be honest. None of us is blameless in today’s day and age and, as such, we are all responsible for perpetuating the idea that it is okay to watch a child break down on stage in front of millions, just as it is okay to celebrate tear-jerker, give-you-goosebumps performances. Continue reading