This one is for the dads {Father’s Day Giveaway–Winner Announced}

Show Dad some love and enter to win this awesome Father's Day prize pack from! @ericablogs

It is remarkable to witness how my husband’s joy of cooking has extended to our children. They appreciate really good food, as evidenced by their requests for lobster and filet mignon for their birthday dinners. (Apologies to future boyfriends and girlfriends.) Continue reading

Chill out this June with Netflix Canada

Every night is girls' night with the June 2017 line-up on Netflix Canada. #streamteam #partner

“I don’t want to hear, ‘It’s not fair,’ one more time. You’re not going to bed until all your clothes are hung up!” Cue the tears. His and mine. Cue the Netflix. And the wine. Continue reading

If I had the mother I lost long ago

When celebrations like Mother's Day collide with the loss of a loved one, sometimes reflection is good for the soul. Happy Mother's Day.

If I had the mother I lost long ago

If I had the mother I lost long ago
for whom my heart aches every day,
would I still be the mother I myself am
had she been here to show me the way?

If I had the … Continue reading

Hey, Parents, “13 Reasons Why” is Finding Its Way to Your Teens Whether You Like It or Not

Why "13 Reasons Why" is the conversation starter you need to check in with your teen.

Parents, this is why I encourage you to watch 13 Reasons Why or at least inform yourselves of its content before your kids get to it. Because despite any best laid plans, if there’s buzz around it, kids will seek it out. Continue reading

A 10K run and 3 weeks to train

When you're running a 10K and have 3 weeks to train. Oops.

I write because I love the feeling of challenging my thoughts. I run because I love the feeling of challenging my body. To be clear, I’m not in the big leagues, or even the little leagues of either of these, but I have a certain passion for both. A passion that ebbs and flows, shifting not with the tide but rather with my mood and my arthritis. Continue reading

How to raise strong girls in the age of Instagram, YouTube and Netflix

How to raise strong girls in the digital age. #streamteam

Strong women: may we be them. Strong girls: may we raise them. As I silently repeat these words in my head I realize how important it is to teach our girls, from an early age, to be strong in mind, body and spirit. And with a most memorable International Women’s … Continue reading

Corona Cupcakes with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting

You have GOT to make these Corona Cupcakes. And the zesty lime cream cheese frosting is the perfect topper. Yum! Find the recipe at

It’s 4pm and I just realized it’s National Cupcake Day. And while it’s pretty easy to whip up a batch of these bite-sized treats anytime, especially if they’re from a box mix (shhhhh…) that day is not today. Instead I’ll reminisce over the time I made these insanely good Corona cupcakes … Continue reading

How to #FuelYourAwesome and Recharge Your Goals

How to #FuelYourAwesome and Recharge Your Goals with Bulletproof

I feel like I owe the last two months an apology: “Dear 2017, I’m sorry it only took me two months to undo what it took me nearly six months to achieve.”


In what can only be described as a blur of stress, sleep-deprivation and thick-headedness, I have been … Continue reading