5 Tips for Using Up Leftover Halloween Candy

Last night I told my kids that it would be their last night of Halloween treats. And being the super-cool mom that I am, I let them pick three things each from their stash. Which still, after two weeks, barely made a dent in the mountain of, dare I call it, junk food.

This morning my very concerned eldest daughter asked if I was going to throw out the leftovers. Coincidentally, I later found a runaway Aero bar and Tootsie Roll in my 6-yr old son’s backpack. One final, desperate attempt to free the candy from what clearly could only be impending doom. Imagine his surprise when he opens up his school bag to find his rescue mission aborted?

And so I am faced with a moral dilemma: what to do with the leftover candy? Throw it out or consume it? I strongly dislike the idea of wasting food, even the sugar-coated, coma-inducing variety. But I also think that two weeks worth of treats is enough for those little bodies especially with the cookie-laden holidays approaching.

I had the fleeting notion that maybe, for the good of my children’s health and well-being, obviously, and so as not to be wasteful (because, after all, someone went to all the trouble of buying the candy and then giving it out) I should just eat it. Eat it all. But then stupid common sense kicked in, not to mention the severe self-loathing that could only come from such an act of selflessness, and I thought better of it. Also, did I mention there is still a ridiculous amount of candy leftover?

Instead, I thought and thought and thought. And then I googled. And guess what? There are some great ideas for storing and using up Halloween candy! But mostly I came up with my own. So, voilà!

Five ingenious tips for using up your your kids’ Halloween candy:

  1. Throw all the chips, Cheetos and Doritos into a big bowl, toss in some nuts, pretzels and even M&Ms for good measure and you’ve got a killer party snack mix.
  2. Freeze chocolate (candy) bars. Not only does this keep them fresher, longer, but have you ever had a frozen Mars bar? Well, neither have I but it. sounds. awesome.
  3. Used crushed lollipops for a stained glass effect in cookies or gingerbread houses.
  4. All those little round candies? Smarties, M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, Fuzzy Peaches, Rockets, Dots, Hershey’s drops, mini chocolate chip cookies, gummie bears fruit nuggets and sour anythings make cool decorations for gingerbread houses.
  5. Got Twizzlers or Nibs? Cut ’em up into bite-sized pieces and throw them into a bowl of popcorn on family movie night for the perfect blend of sweet and salty. Swedish berries work great, too.

Got any tips or recipes you’d like to share? Drop me a line in the comments below!

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