Blissdom Canada Tip: Periscope and Facetime — Bringing Roommates Together


Jennifer and I discuss conference essentials: vodka, cupcakes and Cards Against Humanity.

The power of social media stretches far and wide. For those of us trying to eke out a living in this industry, connecting online with others with similar goals and interests is not only natural but encouraged. With all the platforms available to us there is no shortage of ways to connect. And though none are a substitute for meeting “IRL” (in real life), there are a couple of close seconds.

Tonight I got to experience this twice over with, of all people, my future Blissdom Canada roommate, Jennifer, who blogs over at Mommies Drink. Yes, it’s true, roommates who’ve never actually met — it’s actually one of the best parts of the conference experience. In fact, I’ve slept with numerous women in the past four years, women I’d never before met IRL. True story.

Periscope! Coming to You, Live!

So, tonight on my nightly Periscope broadcast Jennifer piped in to watch and listen to me chat about my 3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Conference Experience (specifically Blissdom). In case you are unfamiliar, Periscope is a live-streaming broadcast that engages the audience in real time. The viewers are able to write in comments and questions and throw up hearts in direct proportion to the fun factor.

‘Scopes’ are available for replay for up to 24 hours after the initial live broadcast, but you can catch the replay of today’s Periscope on Katchme. I usually broadcast by the seat of my pants and don’t have a pre-set time to encourage viewers to tune in, so I didn’t have much of an audience tonight. But you’ll notice Jennifer kept up the banter which is part of the attraction to this platform: the ability to interact with the viewers on the spot.

Facetime: Like a Phone, but Better

After ending the Periscope, Jennifer suggested we Facetime so we could continue our chat. Since deciding to room together at Blissdom we’ve had plenty of online conversations but, short of talking IRL, Facetime really is the next best thing. It can be pretty nerve wracking to walk into a conference — never mind your first one (as in Jennifer’s case) — without having actually met anyone beforehand. Tonight was the perfect ice-breaker.

I encourage you to engage with your fellow conference-goers on a platform other than Facebook or Twitter prior to arriving at Blissdom. Join a Periscope broadcast or create one of your own so that others can meet you, engage with you and get to know you better. Get to know your roommate (trust me, I know I’m not the only one rooming with someone I’ve never met IRL) on a more personal level with a quick Facetime chat.

I guarantee this will help settle your nerves and give you a boost of confidence as you work the room.


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