Cards Against Humanity: Bringing Bloggers Together One Card at a Time

Cards Against Humanity

You’ve heard of it, perhaps? Its tagline is, quite fittingly, “A party game for horrible people”. The irony is, of course, that we are not at all horrible people, we are merely people who want to leave the serious behind for a little while and have some laugh-your-ass-off, politically-incorrect, judgement-free fun — if only for a little while. (It only seems fitting that there should be a Canadian Blogger Expansion Pack. Am I right?)

Everything I ever needed to know about social media I learned playing Cards Against Humanity at Blissdom Canada.

Blissdom Canada

You’ve heard of it, perhaps? It is “the premier conference for social media, blogging, PR and influencers in Canada.” Indeed. It is the place where all we bloggers and self-described social media influencers get to step out of our box for a few days and feel all the feels of meeting our tribe in real life.

Oh, sure, we teach and we learn, we laugh and we cry, we network and we listen. We also play and dance, we eat and drink, we sleep, we talk and sing. We make connections. We sweat it out together, whether in a gym or on a dance floor. We support and encourage each other. We also ask questions and provide answers.

Q & A

This time, however, some of the most enlightening questions and answers came from a small black and white box and were revealed only late at night, behind closed doors. I’m not talking about session notes, folks. Cards Against Humanity happened. It happened hardcore.

That’s right. What happens when you combine Blissdom Canada bloggers with Cards Against Humanity? Well, for three nights we hosted CAH in our hotel room, laughing unapologetically into the wee hours of the morning. I’m proud to say we have at least four fewer CAH virgins and, let me tell you, those newbies catch on quickly!

Everything I ever needed to know about social media I learned playing Cards Against Humanity at Blissdom Canada.

Each night was a new group with the last night being the largest. I put on my hostess hat and was only too happy to ply my guests with M&Ms, chips and wine. The laughter followed naturally and, sometimes, hysterically. Answers were choked out breathlessly in fits and starts. Giggles and snorts were the norm.

It’s About the Connections

Here’s the thing about Blissdom — and I can’t wait to share more about my experience in my next post — the thing about Blissdom is that it is more than just a one-stop how-to for propelling our businesses forward. The magic of Blissdom is in the connections. The core of what makes Blissdom work is the relationships we have cultivated online and the opportunity to meet face-to-face with our peers, our friends and even industry professionals.

With each Blissdom I gain a new perspective and a renewed drive and focus for my business. This year I felt more social than every before, in part because I knew more people going in but also because I got out of my head. As a result, I gained new, very fabulous connections.

Everything I ever needed to know about social media I learned playing Cards Against Humanity at Blissdom Canada. http://diaryofadomesticdiva.comI embraced new comfort zones: singing onstage, tearing up the dance floor, taking selfies with people I admire. Most memorable, though, was inviting new faces to play Cards Against Humanity. It gave me the chance to relax, talk and mix things up with bloggers that I might not otherwise have gotten to know. And it was so much fun.

We all have a story. In fact we heard several very powerful stories during some of our Blissdom Canada sessions. But for that hour or two that Cards Against Humanity takes over, we are just fantastically fun and horrible people. And you know what? No one complained. Once that first card is played, the game is on and no blogger is left behind.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading more about your Blissdom experience. Sadly I heard about this amazing conference too late to arrange for time off work to attend. And even more sadly I heard it was the last year 🙁 Say it ain’t so!

    • Sadly, yes, the large Blissdom Canada conference as we know it will not be returning. However, it is not the end of Blissdom. If you follow Blissdom Canada on social media you’ll stay current on what’s coming up for the year ahead. 🙂

  2. Well now, nobody told me there would be CAH at the conference! Sounds like I missed a great conference!

    • I think there were several boxes floating around. 😉 The conference was a powerhouse of information and networking, once again. So much fun; I’m sorry you missed it.

  3. Dude. That was the most fun in the history of ever. I’m JUST starting to get my voice back. Totally worth it.

    Also, the Stephen Harper card was wonderfully overused – as was wikipedia.

    • Oh, yes, Google on stand-by at all times. The kids yesterday were all, “What’s wrong with your voice?” It has left the building along with tears of laughter. 🙂

  4. SO MUCH FUN. And my “Free Samples” play was perfect for a blog conference. I loved spending time with you and hope to do so again soon!

  5. The only thing that makes me sad about this post is that I never got to play. What a great way to get to know new friends 🙂

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