Netflix and pie: The 2017 New Year’s Resolution I can keep

If there's one resolution I know I can keep it's keeping up with Netflix. #streamteam

If I want to indulge in an evening of Netflix and pie — with ice cream and champagne — I’m gonna #NetflixAndPie. But hey: Resolutions. Goals. Po-tay-to. Po-tah-to. Continue reading

Capture Life’s Moments Like a Boss with OneDay Instant Movie Maker App

OneDay Instant Movie Maker is a free app that is so fun and easy to use. Check out this review at

Are you a gadget guru? I am. A photo fanatic? Oh, yes. An app aficionado? Yup. Then you are going to love this. Ok, listen. I am a huge fan of capturing life’s sweet, funny, quirky moments. I have four kiddos so I know first-hand that time goes by mind-blowingly fast which makes holding… Continue reading