I Had to Google Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman: 1946-2016 He embodied the character of Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series and yet I still had to google his name when I saw that he had passed away. He played the part of a villain so well that we loved to hate him. http://diaryofadomesticdiva.com

I saw the news in my numerous feeds this morning that British actor, Alan Rickman, has died.

And yet the name of the actor did not immediately click. Shame on me. Yes, I know. Continue reading

So You’re a Bookworm On-the-Go? There’s an App for That: Download OverDrive!

Check out books from your local library? From the comfort of your couch? Why, yes, there IS an app for that! #Overdrive #bookworm #lovebooks #lovetoread http://diaryofadomesticdiva.com

And then, y’know, screens and electronics — *cough* Netflix *cough* — and a busier, more active lifestyle took over and my paperbacks turned into dust-collectors. Continue reading

My Top Picks: Halloween Books for Kids Aged 5-9

We love books. We are definitely a bookish family. And Halloween books are no exception. One of the things I like to do, in part because we have SO many books and also because it’s fun for the kids, is to cycle the seasonal and holiday books. This gives them a… Continue reading

Sunday Afternoon Jam Sessions: Renegades by X Ambassadors

My Sunday Afternoon Jam this weekend is all about Renegades by X Ambassadors. And feeling grateful for all that I have. http://diaryofadomesticdiva.com

I have to say, I love a great, catchy tune. I mean, isn’t that the point? And I don’t mean those annoying dance-club-head-bopping-stuck-in-your-head catchy tunes. I’m talking about about a really great song. Add a social message or meaning in there and I’m sold. From the first time I heard… Continue reading

Sunday Afternoon Jam: Flower by Moby

My Sunday afternoon just got better after stumbling on this energetic jam by Moby. http://diaryofadomesticdiva.com

So, this is perfect timing. I began an October writing challenge that, well, challenges the participants to write. Every single day. Fortunately, I have two blogs so I can alternate between the two. I had planned today’s post to be a Sunday Night Jam (as a follow-up to my first… Continue reading

Saturday Night Jam Session – Macarena Edition

My Saturday Night Jam -- and I don't mean the 'strawberry' variety. I'm taking it back to La Macarena! http://diaryofadomesticdiva.com

Welcome to my first edition of What’s My Saturday Night Jam? (Snappy title, right?) Tonight’s edition is all about that song: Macarena. That booty-shakin’ diddy sung by two old guys. Porque soy Española, didn’t you know? Continue reading

Time in a Bottle, Indeed

This week you may have seen circulating around Facebook this post: 1) Find out the song that was #1 the week you were born. 2) Find that song on YouTube. 3) Post that video on your wall without shame. Most ironically, it’s my birthday week, more specifically, my birthday DAY,… Continue reading