The Homework Hustle Playlist for Those Times When You Can’t Even

The new form of parental torture is homework, in case you missed the memo. But, parents, I’ve got your back. I’ve created my own personal Homework Hustle Playlist for those nights when you just give zero f**ks about whether the homework gets done or even if there is any homework at all. Continue reading

Sunday Afternoon Jam: Michael Jackson’s Thriller Edition

As Halloween approaches, no doubt Michael Jackson’s Thriller will be getting a little more air play. It is a classic, after all. (And if anyone reading this has to ask who Michael Jackson or Thriller is, move along.) There have been a number of remixes and dance videos made to this… Continue reading

Saturday Night Jam Sessions: Nothing Compares 2U Edition

Today's Sunday Afternoon Jam Session is brought to you by Nothing Compares 2U. Who did it better?

As epic as 80s tunes were, the song, Nothing Compares 2U, ranks as one of the most memorable, am I right? It was actually released in 1985 by The Family and was written and composed by Prince. But I’m willing to bet that the version you remember most is the one sung by… Continue reading