Netflix January Must-Sees to Kick Off the New Year

New to Netflix January 2018: Suits #streamteam

The Netflix January lineup is just what we need to kick off the new year. Because, I think we are all over the holiday bliss of the cheesy, can’t-stop-watching, Christmas rom-coms. Almost… Continue reading

Art of Persuasion: I Know What You Did to Survive Last Summer

Art of Persuasion: I know what you did to survive last summer (and it may have included Netflix).

And you’re wondering, “How the hell did we just survive the last two months without all those planned distractions?”

I’ll tell you how: with the art of persuasion. And a little Netflix. Continue reading

How Moms Sneak Netflix

How are moms sneaking in their favourite Netflix shows? Find out here! #streamteam

In the realm of motherhood, anything goes. Anything. Which is why the different ways moms sneak Netflix into their days should come as no surprise. Consider it Mom Code for “sanity break”. In fact, tell me if any of these scenarios sound familiar when you’re trying to catch up on… Continue reading

Netflix passport: How to explore Canada and beyond this summer

Bust out the ketchup chips and pour the Caesars because Netflix has a slew of Canadian shows and movies that’ll keep you “right on, eh?”ing for hours. Continue reading

Netflix and pie: The 2017 New Year’s Resolution I can keep

If there's one resolution I know I can keep it's keeping up with Netflix. #streamteam

If I want to indulge in an evening of Netflix and pie — with ice cream and champagne — I’m gonna #NetflixAndPie. But hey: Resolutions. Goals. Po-tay-to. Po-tah-to. Continue reading

Erica Vlogs – Part 1: Whatcha Watchin’?

Spoiler alert! Vlog ahead!

Something about writing another blog post today derailed me. Which brings me to my first ever vlog. I love summer TV because it is the time for fun shows that don’t require deep thoughts. Except most of these shows are reality-type programs and I have to pull out all the stops to avoid spoilers.

But you’ll have to watch my vlog (which rhymes with ‘blog’ — not ‘vee-log’ as I used to pronounce it) which is unedited and goofy. No spoilers here!

Tell me: what are you guys watching?

Summer of Love, Beat Bugs and a Little Netflix

{Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!} All You Need is Love… and Summer I’m going to be straight with you: Netflix got put on hold this summer. For that matter so did my writing — and for that I’m sorry! We had an epically hot and… Continue reading