Mom’s Christmas Wish List: How to make EVERY day merry & bright

Mom's Christmas Wish List: How to make EVERY day merry and bright. These are Erica's top 10 picks from the simple must-haves to the luxurious I-wants that are sure to make any mom burst with holiday spirit.

Moms, consider this your official self-care holiday gift guide. You give of yourself all year and ensure your family is taken care of; now it’s your turn to receive. Guilt-free. Continue reading

How Moms Sneak Netflix

How are moms sneaking in their favourite Netflix shows? Find out here! #streamteam

In the realm of motherhood, anything goes. Anything. Which is why the different ways moms sneak Netflix into their days should come as no surprise. Consider it Mom Code for “sanity break”. In fact, tell me if any of these scenarios sound familiar when you’re trying to catch up on… Continue reading

Confessions of a Netflix Adulteress or How Cheating Made My Marriage Stronger

Once a cheater... Fess up, have you cheated on your sig other with...Netflix? I know I have!

The cheating started out innocently enough. One episode here. A few more there. Betrayal. Deceit. Before I knew it I was a full-blown Netflix adulteress. Back when I was in the throes of baking day and night, I needed a distraction and my music playlist just wasn’t cutting it anymore.… Continue reading

Joshua Jackson in ‘One Week’ Trumps ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Joshua Jackson in One Week trumps Star Wars: The Force Awakens, both now streaming on Netflix Canada. #streamteam

If whining kids on late nights after loud movies is your jam, then have at ‘er. If, however, this is not your bag, I’ve got something a little more your speed. Continue reading

Fuller House Is Here! And It’s Pretty Rad.

Fuller House debuts on Netflix Canada and people are losing their minds! #streamteam

Thanks to Netflix Canada, a new generation will grow up loving the Tanner family. I don’t who’s more excited: my kids or me? Continue reading

Are you a romance die-hard? Or do you wish romance would die, hard?

So, as another Valentine’s Day fades into the clearance aisles, whether you’re single and ready to mingle, madly in love or there’s trouble in paradise, grab some discount chocolate and check out what’s streaming #NowOnNetflixCA in all its sweet, sad and funny glory. Continue reading

I Had to Google Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman: 1946-2016 He embodied the character of Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series and yet I still had to google his name when I saw that he had passed away. He played the part of a villain so well that we loved to hate him.

I saw the news in my numerous feeds this morning that British actor, Alan Rickman, has died.

And yet the name of the actor did not immediately click. Shame on me. Yes, I know. Continue reading

So You’re a Bookworm On-the-Go? There’s an App for That: Download OverDrive!

Check out books from your local library? From the comfort of your couch? Why, yes, there IS an app for that! #Overdrive #bookworm #lovebooks #lovetoread

And then, y’know, screens and electronics — *cough* Netflix *cough* — and a busier, more active lifestyle took over and my paperbacks turned into dust-collectors. Continue reading