Comfort Food: Lemon and Ginger Carrot Soup

Autumn is here and, if you are like me, when the chill in the air sets in, I reach for comfort food. This is also about the time I bust out the slow cooker to make hearty stews or soups or ribs or roasts. Not to worry if you don’t have a Crock Pot® , though, as there are plenty of easy, comforting recipes that you can make in just one pot.

Carrots are versatile and plentiful all year round; however, there’s something inherently autumnal about this crunchy, vibrant orange veggie. They work in everything from cakes to side dishes to soups. This particular soup is so good you will want extra; it doubles easily, and you can freeze the leftovers. Also, if you do not have an immersion blender to puree, a stand mixer or food processor works just fine and dandy.

Click here for the printable recipe:

Lemon and Ginger Carrot Soup

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