Cottage Vacay ~ Day 1: Rookie Excitement

The morning began in a flurry of excitement, the kids clambering over one another in a quest to annoy us in any way possible as my husband and I tried to pack up the van for our first cottage vacation.

Pit stop at Starbucks was a must.  Fuel for the road, I say.

The drive was pretty easy north on the 400 to Muskoka.  The last of my Americano Misto was still warm when we arrived (always order extra hot, FYI.)

Interesting distraction as we approached our exit:  All these miniature Inuit-like rock statues were placed all along the blasted rock lining the highway.  (I’m sure there’s a name for them, but it escapes by mind at the moment.)  Anyway, at 110 km/hr it’s tricky to snap a clear photo, but this gives you an idea.

Neat, eh?  Once you see one, you can’t help but be on the lookout for more.  And there were lots.

So, once we arrived in MacTier (a railroad hub back in its heyday 100+ years ago when it was known as Muskoka Station) at the cottage (on loan from husband’s boss) we were more than a little disheartened to find piles of boxes filled with hundreds of empty beer and wine bottles on the front porch left by the previous visitors.   Turns out that was just a precursor to what we would find upon entering the home.


See, I find it disrespectful that one would borrow, or even rent, a cottage from one’s friend/coworker/whomever, no matter the state it was in upon their arrival, and then leave it a disgraceful mess.  The kitchen floor was, umm, gross.  Bathrooms…ugh.  And no rubber gloves to be found (located them much, much later).  Thank goodness there were bottles of GreenWorks!  Hubby tackled the kitchen and I hit up the two bathrooms.


We didn’t get around to vacuuming till later, once the filter dried.  Had to wash it because the dirt was so caked on it had no suction.  That thing wouldn’t have vacuumed up a Rice Krispie.

Two hours later, we could relax.  We may have been disgusting sweat balls but we could relax!

And jump in the lake!

By the way, Scooby Doo DVDs were an excellent distraction for the kids while we mopped and scrubbed our way to relaxation.  After a late, late lunch the kids were SO ready to hit the water.   One must-have that I’m so happy we thought to purchase for this get-away was life-vests for each child; takes the edge off being in the open water, though we were still very vigilant.  I was still unsure whether the kids would be keen on being in a lake versus the protective confines of a kiddie pool.  I needn’t have worried.

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