Cottage Vacay ~ Day 3: Things that go ‘Bump!’ in the night

It would appear a certain someone is not thrilled about my retelling of our vacation antics.  I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, because I appreciated getting away with my family, even if it was just a few days.  It’s just that …


Oh, that?

THAT is the sound of my brow bone connecting headlong into the edge of the open door some time after 3am on our second night.  Now, just to clarify, it’s not like I was sprinting into the door, though, when a kid calls out he has to pee, I don’t dawdle.  It was more of sleepy saunter, but still:  oh. my. gawd!  You would have thought I was charging full speed ahead what with the blinding pain and all.

Bonus:  the flashing stars dancing around my eyes lit the way.  After the successful potty break, I grabbed some ice action for the third eye bulging from my skull.

Tuesday was sunny but coolish and a bit windy which meant a dip in the lake was not terribly enticing.  So we took a lovely drive to Gravenhurst for lunch at Boston Pizza.  This is a great family-oriented restaurant and our first time visiting this eatery.  They had a great selection on the kids’ menu:  sliders, chicken tenders, mini pizza and fries.  I settled on the seven-cheese ravioli and my husband raved about the perogie pizza.

Our outing meant driving through the quaint little town of Bala.  Did you know that Bala is the Cranberry Capital of Ontario?  And also the home of Bala Falls?  Yeah.  Neither did we.  A lot of these little towns are steeped in history.  Despite our big meal, we stopped in Bala on the way back to MacTier and enjoyed a creamy ice-cream cone at Ice Dreams Soda Shop.  This cute little spot, replete with retro Coca Cola paraphernalia lining the walls from floor to ceiling, was bustling with activity.  Perfect.  I can only imagine how busy it must get on really hot days!

We capped off the night with the two older kids.  After the two youngest crashed, we loaded up on snacks and settled in to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  My almost-eight year old had recently finished reading the first of the Harry Potter series and she was totally excited for the movie.  I was a bit concerned for my five year old but he seemed to enjoy it.  Hoping no nightmares ensue.

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  1. You have been having an adventure!! My inlaws had a cottage on lake Muskoka just outside of Bala. It really is a great place, reading your post made me miss it!

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