Diary of a Domestic Diva has a New Look!

Something you may not know about me is that I am like a dog with a bone.  And I like to switch things up a little now and then.

This past week I got it in my head that Diary of a Domestic Diva needed a new look.


What do you think?

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This domestic diva is a married, full-time mom to four, aged eight and under. Part-time banker, sometime baker and fledgling designer, in her 'down time' she has become a bit of a social media junkie. Twitter is her new chocolate. She believes in Montessori and karma. She hates cancer. She struggles with finances, clothes that won't fit and religion. She dreams of elaborate shopping sprees, a new kitchen and children that will listen but will settle for dollar store deals, a faucet that won't leak and children that will listen half the time. It's a charmed life. A life lived one day at a time.
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  1. Looks Amazing! I love the colors & the design! Way to go!

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