Don’t Sweat It: Coconut Oil is the New Deodorant

The Secret is out. Literally. So is the Mitchum, Lady Speed Stick, Degree, Drysol (which could dissolve acid, I’m convinced) and even Dove. And Coconut Oil, you guys, is IN. This stuff is the shizz. Just ask Google.

Don't sweat it! Blogger, Erica, is convinced that once you try coconut oil as your new deoderant, you'll never go back!

Don’t sweat the stinky stuff!

Underarm Odour is the Pitts

I set out on a minor experiment this past July to prove to myself that the antibacterial qualities found in coconut oil could be powerful enough to quell the smell. There was no research or scientific element to this test other than I might have read something somewhere at sometime that may have alluded to this fact. Rather, this was simply a random desire to see if I might use a natural ingredient, purely on its own, to replace the myriad of underarm deodorants that my entire adult life have barely grazed the surface of effectiveness.

We Gomezes are a sweaty bunch. Just ask my brothers. The fact that we have Spanish blood coursing through our veins doesn’t seem to deflect the heat of the sun or any situation that involves bright, hot lights or high-pressure. We sweat, ergo we stink.

And stinking, my friends, is unbecoming, especially to a lady. *snorts*

The Coconut Oil Experiment in 2 Steps

So how did my experiment go down and how can you do this at home?

  1. I put some coconut oil from my big jar in the kitchen into a smaller jar. (Think old cosmetics or cream containers with tight-fitting lids that can be cleaned out and repurposed). This is actually easier when the coconut oil is melted and you can pour it in; otherwise just use a spoon.
  2. Each morning, I apply a dollop of coconut oil to my underarms and rub it in. I also rub some onto my shoulders (it got rid of acne there), chest (diminished sun wrinkles) and face (dewey glow.) That’s it.

Things About Coconut Oil You May or May Not Know

Coconut oil transitions easily between solid and liquid form depending on the ambient temperature. With the hot summer we had, despite the A/C I usually ended up dabbing it on in liquid form. NBD.

Also, the quality of the coconut oil should be considered. I’m currently using Alpha DME, organic, virgin, fresh-pressed oil for no other reason than I think it was on sale at Nature’s Emporium once. Certainly, like olive oil, not all coconut oils are created equal. I’ll leave the brand experimentation up to you.

Final Thoughts on the Pitt Experiment

No staining & no residue. You might think an oil would stain or discolour clothing. This never happened. Also, you won’t get the white residue that some deodorant sticks leave behind on clothing.

No strong coconut smell. I’ve never been a fan of coconut anything. So for those that may not care for its smell, it is slight and quite pleasant. It absorbs quickly and leaves a fresh scent behind.

No chemicals. ‘Nuff said.

24-hour threshold. Given the summer we have had, remaining stink-free for 24 hours was a feat in and of itself. Now, I’m not making this out to be a miracle deodorant/antiperspirant; however, it compares as well or better than any leading brand I’ve used before, both chemically-laden and natural (as in the crystal). The point is that it feels good, has no offending ‘baby powder’ or ‘ocean fresh’ scent AND keeps me dry and smelling not stinky until the end of my next workout. (Ain’t nothin’ can kill that smell!)

Emergency freshener. I’ve been known to grab a make up pad in the middle of the day to swipe on a little extra coconut oil when I notice a slight offending odour. This has happened on particularly hot days when we’ve been out and about. Guess what? It kills the smelly bacteria!

Affordability. While a good-quality coconut oil can be pricey, so are antiperspirants and deodorants. The coconut oil will last way longer and its versatility both in the kitchen and the medicine cabinet is unparalleled.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Don't sweat it! Blogger, Erica, is convinced that once you try coconut oil as your new deoderant, you'll never go back!

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