Easy Teacher Gift: Potted Flower Cupcake, A Photo Tutorial

I’m not sure where this idea of having to give teachers gifts at the end of the year originated, but one thing is certain, as well-deserved as it is, the whole process can be as confusing as it can be frustrating.  We parents (OK, mostly the moms) face this dilemma every year.  Do we or don’t we?  If so:  what to get?  How much to spend?

My four children combined have eleven teachers.  Eleven.  And a bus driver.  So fancy schmancy is not an option.  We’ve done flowers.  We’ve done little truffle boxes.  The last two years have been homemade goodies: cupcakes and cake pops.  The irony is that the teachers feel inundated and would just as much appreciate a simple note of thanks.  Nevertheless, this year the kids and I decided to combine our efforts with an easy (and inexpensive) craft for them and a little homemade goodness from me.

If you still haven’t picked up something for your child’s teacher, there’s still time to make this potted flower cupcake.

You will need to prepare ahead of time by baking and icing your treats (this could be cupcakes or perhaps flower-shaped cookies on a stick).  Also ensure you have the necessary craft supplies on hand.  All of these I bought from the dollar store (including the butterflies on a thin wooden stick, pictured at bottom $1/ea, the 3″ pots 3/$1.50, the turf $1/square and styrofoam balls $1/bag).  You may already have paint and brushes and gift bags.  I do recommend wrapping in cellophane before dropping into gift bag so the icing doesn’t smear all over.  Easier still might be individual cupcake or treat boxes.  Each gift cost less than $5 but you will need to put in a little extra time and effort.

Let’s begin:

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