Erica and Liz do the #icebucketchallenge for ALS awareness

Yesterday I was nominated by Laura to participate in the #icebucketchallenge sweeping the online and social media platforms as a form of ALS awareness and fundraiser.

I gladly accepted the #icebucketchallenge only after I made my donation and nominated my friend, Liz, who did the challenge with me, as well as friends Jason and Renée.

Here’s the fun part!


For all the naysayers, the proof is in the numbers. While it may seem like a fad, the awareness this campaign has raised for this little-talked about disease and the millions of dollars in donations it has generated, is epic.

Also, there’s this guy. Anthony Carbajal.

If you are accepting an #icebucketchallenge of your own, please donate. I’ve created a personal fundraising page for ALS Canada at or you can also donate at

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