I Feel Like (a) Chicken Tonight


A simple word, really.

And the most versatile of proteins for your dinner table. Well, except for maybe beef. Or pork.

Yet, it incites terror in the kitchens of many. Because…what…are you…going to make…with that…CHICKEN??!!

I found myself facing this dilemma last evening around 4:30pm. To be fair, I had been on-the-go since dropping the kids off at school so it isn’t because I was relaxing by the fireside with a good book and a spiked coffee that I found myself pondering dinner solutions at the witching hour. Fortunately, the kids had had a snack and were happily watching a movie while I ‘surfed’ for dinner recipes.

Here’s the key to finding a recipe that suits your style:

  1. First, determine the cut of chicken you have.  Is it whole or in parts?  Bone-in or boneless?
  2. What quantity will you be cooking?  (You may need to halve or double the recipe).
  3. What is your timeline?  If you are starting to plan early in the day you can marinate the chicken.  Or perhaps you can throw it in the slow cooker.  Or if time is of the essence, choose quick and easy recipes that call for very few ingredients.
  4. What ingredients do you have on hand?  Garlic?  Fresh parsley?  Bread crumbs?

OK.  Now it’s time to hit the cookbooks (and by this I mean Google.)  Be specific in your search so that you are not wasting time weeding through ‘roasted chicken’ recipes if you have boneless chicken breasts and no roasting pan in sight.  For instance, last night I had two packs of huge bone-in chicken breast halves.  Eight total (and yes, there were leftovers.)  So I googled “bone-in chicken breast recipes” which brought me here:

So I clicked on the first (unpaid ad) link, which was an allrecipes.com recipe for Delicious Baked Chicken Recipe, and despite the 3 1/2 star rating (I usually look for 4 stars and above), I was sold for three reasons:

  1. I had the right cut of chicken;
  2. there were only four other basic ingredients (well, five:  salt AND pepper);
  3. and prep time was about 5 mins, the time it would take the oven to reheat + cooking time was reasonable for my schedule.

Honestly, I only read about 2 of the comments below the recipe because I was pressed for time; but one thing is for sure, I did not end up with dry chicken as some others claimed.  I pretty much free-poured the oil and seasonings and it turned out tasty, beautifully moist and cooked to perfection.

I did cook mine in the convection oven so it knocked about 10 mins off the total cooking time.  And I did remove the foil in the last 10-15 mins of cooking so the chicken would brown and crisp up a bit.  The kids raved about it and, in fact, are enjoying it for leftovers tonight!

Have you got a go-to chicken recipe?  I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Chicken breast rolled in flour, dipped in egg then rolled in breadcrumbs, lightly fry with a little oil and melt some cheese on the top at the end. I always have it with pasta and a dip (curry paste mixed with mayo). Occasionally as a child mum would cut the chicken into long strips before covering in bed crumbs as they were more fun!

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