Fun Summer Things Not Happening Today

Don’t freak out when I tell you this, but…SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!

Do you remember when those four magic words were just THE BEST because ALL THE FUN??

Summers home with kids can be fun but oh-so-challenging. We do not reward negative behaviour and when one kid suffers consequences, unfortunately, so do we all. So here are some fun summer things we WON'T be doing today on account of "kids being kids".

Except now those four little words mean kids — your kids, my kids, all the kids — are home for the next two months, wreaking havoc on your neat little routine, such as it is.

Don’t panic! (She says, panicking.)

It’s not that I just realized school was ending today. But, I swear, every year it sneaks up on me and I am wholly unprepared. Especially since I need to balance working from home with all the fun summer things. Today those fun things included walking over for BBQd hot dogs at my bank’s fundraiser for JDRF and then a trip to the library to renew our memberships and start our summer book-a-palooza.

We got as far as the hot dogs.

Because why would an afternoon of fun summer things go smoothly?

I’m suddenly anticipating a series of weekly blog posts centred solely on all the fun summer things we won’t be doing because of some shit one kid has done that ruins it for everyone else. Myself included.

Back at home I had to take care of a work matter for about 10 minutes and they couldn’t even last that long without getting into it with each other. The tween was already miffed that I’d called her out on her too-short shorts and then the boys couldn’t sit still without poking and whining at each other. You guys: THIS IS JUST THE FIRST AFTERNOON OF SUMMER VACATION!

That’s it! No trip to the library today!

Let the Blame Game begin. Or rather, the I-Didn’t-Do-Anything-It-Wasn’t-My-Fault Game. Everyone is now appropriately sullen. Myself included. Because, hey, I love going to the library, too! Nobody wins here.

Though working from home has its benefits, it also presents its own set of challenges, not the least of which is my having to ACTUALLY WORK and parent. At the same time. What my kids fail to grasp is that before we get to do all the fun summer things, Mom needs to get her work done. And also, all the fun things are not their right, but rather their privilege.

You mess up? You lose out. We all do.

And so, today, we won’t be slurping freezies on the sunny front porch. We won’t be inhaling the scent of stacks of books at the library as we launch into another summer of reading fun. We won’t even be playing outside.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. Hopefully they get it.

Fun summer things we WON'T be doing today.

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