I Love Raw Oysters but I Never Expected This

Here’s the thing. We are a food-loving family. My husband regularly cooks up beautiful feasts for us and occasionally the grown-ups even get special treats like foie gras or raw oysters or (it seems like a hundred years ago, and it might have only been once) caviar.

I make no bones about the fact that my kids have strange and annoying eating habits. I don’t complain much because, really, like their parents, they are foodies that enjoy eating well-rounded meals. But on the one hand, I have an 11-yr old daughter that will eat half a salmon in one sitting but complain about her cooked carrots and broccoli; and an 8-yr old son who could eat a pound of chorizo in one sitting but has a thing about the texture of applesauce and baked beans; while on the other hand I have twins that will chow down on gazpacho, demolish a lobster and suck back raw oysters.

Yup. You read that right.

Raw oysters. This is what happens when your kids begin to encroach on your gourmet eats.


And not only that, but ask the 6-yr old boy what he wants in his lunch and he regularly responds, “Anchovies,” (referring to the anchovies in brine that we get from St. Lawrence Market). Plus, now we can add to his repertoire tuna tartar. Just don’t ask him to eat all his chicken nuggets.

He may be onto something here…and I’ve gotta say, I love it.

I love that my kids enjoy food. We are trying to cultivate a fun, healthy and varied eating environment in our home. We definitely encourage our kids to try food from different corners of the world including, but not limited to, my cultural Spanish roots as well as tastes of Greek, Japanese and Mexican.

In fact, tonight, as I ushered my youngest son to bed, he was sneaking a peek at the TV, giggling:

“What? I love the Food Network. You know, my favourite show is ‘You Gotta Eat Here’.”

Oh, yeah? I say.

“Yes. And do you know what my second favourite show is? Drivers, Divers and Knives,” he announces.

Ha! I wasn’t about to correct him. This is why kids are simply the best.

Do your kids have ‘outside the box’ eating habits?

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