Of Rain and Rain Boots

“I look UGLY! I don’t even match!”, my nine-year old daughter hurls at me as she mopes to the bus this windy, rainy morning.

“Stop it! You look fine. Now GO have a good day!”, I say back to her.

She stomps off, her six-year old brother splashing ahead of her, oblivious to the pre-pre-teen drama that is RAIN BOOTS.

Remember those days? When your mom would make you wear obviously hideous rain boots (because, really, any rain boot is a hideous rain boot) and jacket on a rainy day? Or…wait for it…SNOW PANTS and a HAT forgodssake in -40°C blizzard conditions?!! The nerve! What was she thinking?

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Well, if I had to guess, as a mom, she was probably thinking the same things I was today:

  • that it’s raining and I don’t want you to get your feet wet or catch cold as a result;
  • that I bought the ‘cool’ rain boots and so you’d better wear them;
  • that I don’t want you to ruin your ‘cool’ running shoes in the rain and mud;
  • that my mom made me do it and now so do you;
  • that none of that even matters because I’m the mom and I said so.

That’s right. ‘Cause I said so. (Oh, puh-leeze, like you haven’t pulled out that one-liner before.)

That being said I still grapple with the idea that maybe I’m stuck in the past. I like to think that I’m a modern gal and down with times, yet I find myself making a lot of the same decisions for my children as my mom did for us. And, whoa, how did that happen because obviously I am way cooler than she was. And while I know I am making sound judgements, I can’t help thinking that the reactions I had as a teenager are surfacing at a much younger age with my daughter. I totally knew these battles were coming, I just thought I had a few more years to prepare.

My daughter, this bright, confident girl, constantly throws me for a loop. While on the one hand she is content to crust in the same yoga pants and t-shirt for three days in a row, she will spaz out if her sweater and socks don’t match. I am thankful she has not (yet) caught on to name brand labels but, by the same token, she has a meltdown when her footwear doesn’t match her outfit. Well, gee, I’m sorry, Imelda, but you don’t get a different pair of shoes for each day of the week! And though she has not come right out and said the shoesbootsjacket are not ‘cool’ she has said, “But how come I’m the only one that has to…?”

I sympathize with her. I really do. I totally remember those feelings of desperately wanting to go with the flow. So, do I step out of the past and let her decide what is appropriate outdoor wear just as I always wished my mom had allowed me to do? Or do I tell her to suck it up?  Because, after all, she’s still only a child of nine. Or maybe none of that even matters because, after all, I’m the mom and I said so.

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  1. I agree, the disagreements concerning clothing, shoes and what’s cool is happening at a much younger age. I would like you to know though that you are not “stuck in the past” and that you are one of a very large percentage of moms who actually still have some control over what your child leaves the house in. I know at my house, we stopped having the snowpants fight in grade 6 since kids in middle school don’t generally play in the snow (as I was told) I heard myself utter the words, “Because I said so”, many, many times. During the winter months she is sent out the door in a winter jacket, mittens, hat and winter boots. If she chooses to remove those items on the bus, she knows it’s best not to mention to me how cold she was in the morning or that she ruined her good sneakers. My youngest hasn’t started that fight yet but I do get on occasion “Why do I have to wear rubbers and Maddy doesn’t”, to which I reply “Maddy had to wear them when she was in grade 3 so until you are in grade 6 you will be wearing them, because I said so!” 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, I never imagined I was alone in this battle but I’m thankful that other parents still view it as necessary and important that WE parent the kids and not the other way around. And a little ‘I told you so’ thrown in for good measure, well, that’s just par for the course. 🙂

  2. Hey, there!

    Great post! I absolutely agree that you should stand your ground with her on the boots for as long as possible. Not just for the rain but, even more importantly, for the snow, too. How is she about wearing her snow boots?

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