Dinner Diaries ~ Too good to be Mom’s

One day last week my husband inadvertently offended my cooking sensibilities by saying something to the effect of: “You don’t cook, you just take something out of the freezer and throw it in the oven.” Of course, when I go to the trouble of whipping up a delicious meal for us all and the kids all compliment my husband on what a delicious dinner he made, well, is it any wonder? Continue reading

Cottage Vacay ~ Day 4: Is There a Plumber in the House?!

We were supposed to leave Thursday, but today (Wednesday) turned out to be our last official day at the cottage.  Our water woes just got worse.  About the time the lake in the dining room seemed to have dried up, so, apparently, did all the pipes in the house.  We… Continue reading

Cottage Vacay ~ Day 3: Things that go ‘Bump!’ in the night

It would appear a certain someone is not thrilled about my retelling of our vacation antics.  I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, because I appreciated getting away with my family, even if it was just a few days.  It’s just that … SMACK! Oh, that? THAT is the sound of… Continue reading

Cottage Vacay ~ Day 2: Hot Tubs, Hangovers & Pink-Eye. Oh, my!

It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and finally there is a hint of sunshine.  The day began rather hazy (infer what you will from that last comment.)  As I struggled to unglue my eyelids I realized there was a little more going on than the remnants of a late night of… Continue reading

Cottage Vacay ~ Day 1: Rookie Excitement

The morning began in a flurry of excitement, the kids clambering over one another in a quest to annoy us in any way possible as my husband and I tried to pack up the van for our first cottage vacation. Pit stop at Starbucks was a must.  Fuel for the… Continue reading

A funny thing happened on the way back from the vet…

If you have kids, then you are no doubt familiar with ‘The Car Seat’; that eternally bulky piece of plastic and padding that resides somewhere in the inner confines of your Soccer-mom-mobile ready to protect your little bundle of joy from even the hint of a car ride gone wrong.… Continue reading

When Bullies Grow Up

As a mom to four young children, one of the things I worry about is bullying.  It’s something I experienced first- and second-hand growing up and it’s something that, over the years, seems to be a growing, rather than fading, epidemic.  It’s also something not easily forgotten.  To be the… Continue reading

The Seinfeld Diaries (or ‘Time for Mom’)

My blog ideas are like a Seinfeld episode that never got written; or rather, that DID get written.  By someone else.  Someone with a flare for stating the obvious, though in an even wittier, funnier context. You know how you would experience that ‘A-ha!’ moment in the ‘show about nothing’; which was actually a show about something;… Continue reading