Saturday Night Jam Session – Macarena Edition

My Saturday Night Jam -- and I don't mean the 'strawberry' variety. I'm taking it back to La Macarena! http://diaryofadomesticdiva.comSo, a friend of mine (we’ll call her Kyla, over at Mommy’s Weird) posted on Facebook tonight a crazy video that took me back to my university-bar-hopping days.

Cotton Eye Joe, if you must know. WHICH NO ONE COULD EVEN SING, BY THE WAY.

From the mid 1990s.

I’ll just wait here while you do the math.

Because I’m THAT old.

Anyway, I got to thinking:

What’s my Saturday night jam?

I love songs that take me back to a time and a place that make me happy and sad, nostalgic and even angry (Alanis Morissette, anyone?) Because music should be all those things and more. So much more.

Welcome to my first edition of What’s My Saturday Night Jam? (Snappy title, right?)

Tonight’s edition is all about that song: Macarena. That booty-shakin’ diddy sung by two old guys.

Porque soy Española, didn’t you know?

My question is this: which video did it better? This one?

or this one?

Me? I’m partial to the second one, the one I refer to as the ‘original’ one. Also known as the ‘least humiliating’ one.

Good story.

Picture it: Sicily. 1925. It was summer… [oops, wrong story.]

Picture it: October 2012. Blissdom Canada Conference. Karaoke.

Oh…so much karaoke.

And I finally work up the nerve to sing.


Of course, they put up the blasted ‘Americanized’ version and, of course, I killed it.

No, really. I mean I stomped that song to death because WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING WITH ALL THE GIRLY LYRICS?? I’M SPANISH FOR CRISSAKES!

I’ve never done karaoke since.

I still totally dance to this jam, tho’.

What about you guys? What’s your Saturday night jam? Tell me in the comments!

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