So Your Dinner Came Out of a Box? Guess What? The Kids Are All Right.

I had a moment tonight, and not for the first time, where I silently berated myself for putting together a dinner from boxed and frozen and packaged items. That thought was quickly followed up by a ‘Whoa, chill out, mama’ moment as I reflected that, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t so bad. After all, I did make a salad.

And, as though to quell my conscience, my 12-year old daughter, wandering in to say good-night, read the first four lines of this post over my shoulder — annoyingly — then, after asking what berated meant, assured me, saying, “Don’t worry. Dinner was good.” For all the annoying shizzle my kids do, sometimes they know to say just the right thing.

Forget the Pinterest-worthy meals for a minute. So your dinner came out of a box? Guess what? The kids are all right.

The horror! The cheese is already grated and the pepperoni is processed!

So I guess my point is this: to all the moms (and dads, grandparents, caregivers) out there worried that the meals they prepare may not be Pinterest-worthy, I say, “Who cares?”

Ask yourself this: Do you make your meals with love? (Well, mostly love. Sometimes it’s just about getting dinner on the table and if it’s hot BONUS.)

So, you sat down and talked about your day over chicken nuggets versus a pot roast? Awesome! You talked with your kids!

What’s that? The vegetables were frozen and not fresh? Hey, news flash! Just as good nutritionally!

You made pizza from a store-bought crust? You MADE A PIZZA. Who cares if you used the already-shredded cheese. Timesaver = more time to listen to your kid’s annoying funny riddles.

Kraft Dinner? Alphaghetti? Campbell’s soup? Hot meal, hot meal, hot meal. Throw in some veggies and you’re golden. (And no, I didn’t get paid to name-drop. Just browsing through my cupboard.)

Hey, I make the stir fried noodles (which are delicious and the kids love them.) 

I also make slow cooker chicken and dumplings (another family favourite.)

While sometimes it’s about the big, home-cooked meals, other times it’s simply about getting the family fed; and you know what? The kids are all right.

Forget the Pinterest-worthy meals for a minute. So your dinner came out of a box? Guess what? The kids are all right.

Frozen AND fresh? Both nutritious AND delicious. (And easy.) Booyah! Mom wins.

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