Suck it, Universe!

Well played, Universe. Well played.

Well played, Universe. Well played.

OK, Universe. I give up. You win.

You and your wily ways. The way you sneak right in there and turn everything upside down. I could throw a boatload of expletives in here to really drive the point home, but the bottom line is that we are well past the ‘bad luck comes in threes’ adage.

We are well into the ‘bad luck comes in dozens’ stage.

And it’s not just the recent stuff. Stuff like, oh, I dunno, our CAR died. A loud, exhaust-filled, jolting death. Then our treadmill literally caved in under our feet. And now our dryer is rumbling and the A/C is clicking. And not in a good way.

Are you motherfreakingkiddingme??

We have been, seemingly, digging ourselves out of one hole or another for the past five years. And every time we get the tiniest bit ahead, Universe (disguised as fate, bad timing, poor planning, shitty luck, untrustworthy people or all of the aforementioned) flips us the proverbial bird.

A big old ‘fuck you’, as it were.

During this time, worse than the loss of material things, I have lost faith in people I’d thought I could trust. I have been incomprehensibly, unforgivably betrayed, my family hurt beyond words. Seriously, this shit still haunts me in my dreams; only, in my dreams, I channel my inner beotch and kick some royal ass.

During this time I have strengthened the important relationships in my life. I know with one hundred percent certainty in whom I can place my trust. To whom I can vent and rage without guilt. And in return, I am loyal without a fault, though not without faults of my own.

During this time I have learned that, in life, one’s trust and belief in people can only go so far. At the end of the day I have to fight for me, for my family. Even the smallest of victories has been the result of a hard-fought battle.

I will not let the assholes win.

Well played, Universe. Well played.

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Erica writes with humour and heart about family, #fit40s and living life in the carpool lane. Part-time banker by day and Netflix-addicted-cake-decorator by night, Erica's in-between time is spent dreaming up ways to ruin her kids' lives. Obviously.
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