Summer of Love, Beat Bugs and a Little Netflix

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All You Need is Love… and Summer

I’m going to be straight with you: Netflix got put on hold this summer. For that matter so did my writing — and for that I’m sorry! We had an epically hot and sunny season which meant long walks to the library, splash pads, pool days with friends, mini golf and even bowling. And on my craziest of busy days, stuck in the office, I urged the kids to get busy with books, games, bikes, basketball, scooters and Wii Dance. Yes, I am that mom. I am the mom that is late to the Beat Bugs party.

All you need is love and a little Netflix!

All You Need is Love… and a Backyard Dance Party

Now that summer break is winding down and we aren’t rushing out the door every night to one sport or another, Netflix is being dusted off for evening family time. It feels great to sit down for a few moments with the kids and watch a show together rather than use it as a substitute or distraction. Even more fun is when I can introduce the younger set to a show they haven’t seen before.

Who knew Netflix’s new original series, Beat Bugs, would not only engage my kiddos, but inspire a backyard dance party? For kids that more recently are favouring ‘real life’ situational comedies, like Full House, this was certainly a departure. But who can blame them?

All You Need is Love… and 3 Months of Netflix Free

Inspired by music made famous by The Beatles, Beat Bugs takes us from the theme song, All You Need is Love, to an entire repertoire of classics like Help and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, which naturally tie in with the storyline, wherein there is a lesson to be learned. Besides bright colours, cute characters, the music is a very clever way to attract the parental set, too. And if you even have to ask who The Beatles are, then move along.

Guess what? We want you AND your kids to enjoy Beat Bugs and all your Netflix favourites with a 3-month subscription! To unlock your entries, share your own family’s All You Need is Love cover using the hashtag #BeatBugs and add the link to your post in the comments below. Whether it’s a kitchen dance party or backseat karaoke have fun with it! Giveaway will run until 12am September 9, 2016 and is open to Canadian residents.

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Good luck!

All you need is love and a little Netflix!

P.S. If you’re still reading: I promise to write more fun stuff this month!

*In the interest of full disclosure: I would like to point out that I have been a hardcore Netflix fan — and written about it — since before it was considered cool. The only difference now is, as a member of Netflix Canada’s #StreamTeam, I receive some fun, free goodies in exchange for my candid monthly posts. Cool, eh?

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  30. Hi, love the shirts! Where can I get some?

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