Fall Decluttering: Home Office Edition

Jump into fall with a fresh outlook. Time to hit "reset" and declutter those spaces you've been neglecting all summer!

I sit. Staring blankly at the screen. Avoiding the oh-so-necessary fall decluttering of my office space. I steal glances over at my Instagram feed looking for…what? Inspiration? Distraction? Oooh! A Facebook notification! Procrastination at it’s finest, folks. My bladder (which has never been the same post-pregnancy) is about to explode… Continue reading

Mommy, is that a Toronto Maple Leaf?

Fall in Canada means crisp walks outdoors, lot of falling leaves and questions like these. Of course, when my son asked me if this was a Toronto Maple Leaf I said, Yes! These are the moments you want to remember: the sweet, innocent and funny things kids say. http://diaryofadomesticdiva.com

One morning last week, on our walk to the bus stop, X-man stops and points to the ground, littered with fallen, brightly-coloured leaves and asks, all innocent-like: “Mommy, is that a Toronto Maple Leaf?” Continue reading

Comfort Food: Lemon and Ginger Carrot Soup

Autumn is here and, if you are like me, when the chill in the air sets in, I reach for comfort food. This is also about the time I bust out the slow cooker to make hearty stews or soups or ribs or roasts. Not to worry if you don’t have… Continue reading

Apple-Picking at Applewood Farm and Winery

Those hot, sticky summer days have been replaced by an unmistakable and not-at-all unwelcome crispness in the air. The kids are back in school. Swimsuits and Crocs have been replaced with sweaters and boots. The leaves are slowly turning. Yes! It’s that time of year again! And while I am… Continue reading