How to make it a “Netflix and bone-chilling” Halloween

How to make it a Netflix and bone-chilling Halloween.

So whether your version of “Netflix and bone-chilling”, includes a screening of “Super Monsters” with your wee ones or a marathon session of “Stranger Things”, Season 2, here’s what you’ll need for a spook-tacular TV night. Continue reading

10 Reasons Why I Love/Hate Halloween

10 Reasons Why I Love/Hate Halloween or Why Halloween Was Better in the 80s

I’ve been formulating my ‘Halloween’ post in my mind for about three weeks. Which, even then, is probably considered ‘seasonally late’ by blogging standards. I’ve never been one for editorial calendars when it comes to my personal writing, preferring instead to spark my creative juices with the threat of a looming deadline… Continue reading

Halloween 2015: Let it Go

One mom talks about 'letting go' this Halloween as her kids become more independent.

I remember that feeling, though. The independence of it all. All at once my heart burst with happiness, as I mentally ticked off another milestone, and also ached with sadness at the realization that my little girl — who, at 12 years old is nearly as tall as I am — is not so little anymore. Continue reading

Sunday Afternoon Jam: Michael Jackson’s Thriller Edition

As Halloween approaches, no doubt Michael Jackson’s Thriller will be getting a little more air play. It is a classic, after all. (And if anyone reading this has to ask who Michael Jackson or Thriller is, move along.) There have been a number of remixes and dance videos made to this… Continue reading

My Top Picks: Halloween Books for Kids Aged 5-9

We love books. We are definitely a bookish family. And Halloween books are no exception. One of the things I like to do, in part because we have SO many books and also because it’s fun for the kids, is to cycle the seasonal and holiday books. This gives them a… Continue reading

Creative & Budget-Friendly DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

A few good thrifty finds, a good rummage through the closets and a little DIY project and you've got some fantastic homemade Halloween costumes that won't break the bank.

Anne of Green Gables, Dracula, Any Pirate, Curious George (or Georgette or Little Monkey) can all be found in popular literature. This was pure happenstance and I only realized it when I started typing this post. Continue reading

5 Tips for Using Up Leftover Halloween Candy

Last night I told my kids that it would be their last night of Halloween treats. And being the super-cool mom that I am, I let them pick three things each from their stash. Which still, after two weeks, barely made a dent in the mountain of, dare I call… Continue reading

We don’ wan’ no stinkin’ eggs, man!

Last year, our front porch, pumpkins included, got egged on Halloween night.    It was especially disheartening to have to explain to my children, then aged 7, 4 and 2 + 2, that there are kids out there who think a prank, in the form of disrespecting someone else’s property,… Continue reading