The Very Hungry Caterpillars…

It may shock some of you to hear that I am not an outdoorsy person.  I wish I were a worm-hunting, creepy-crawly-tolerant, throw-up-the-tent nature-lover, but I’m not.

Perhaps I should clarify.  I like being outdoors.  And I appreciate nature.  However, I do not appreciate nature when nature invades my personal space; i.e. my home, my car, or anywhere within a one-block radius of where I happen to be sitting or standing or walking.  (If you want to read more on my adventures with nature, check out my vacation blog from last summer.)

I do NOT, for instance, like nature when it materializes in the form of a spider in the corner of the the bedroom ceiling.  Nor do I take kindly to nature as a crunchy-shelled, scurrying , gag-inducing critter making its way across the basement floor.  Always at night.  Always when I’m alone.  And doesn’t nature understand that when I am outside trying to enjoy a good book about the other type of nature (wink, wink) I don’t care for its incessant buzzing in my ears or the tickling of it crawling up my arm or leg?

Of course, then I’ll pull one of these:  letting the likes of ladybugs or other colorful winged insects land on me.  But it fascinates the kids and you know, as far as bugs go, they’re cute.  So once in a while I surprise even myself.

Nevertheless, imagine my chagrin this morning when I happened to glance at one of the herb plants sitting on my kitchen windowsill (incidentally the one that was a Mother’s Day gift from my six-year old son) and noticed that the basil leaves were holier than hell!  (And I don’t mean that spiritually.)  Upon closer examination I spy a tiny, green caterpillar.  Then another.  And later, another!  So I did what any other nature- fearing loving mom would do.  I found a small plastic container, emptied it of the Jelly Bellies, poked holes in the top and snipped the basil leaves off the plant, placing them, and their resident leaf-eaters delicately inside.

Interestingly, if you look carefully at this picture, the caterpillar on the left looks more translucent so perhaps its neighbor on the right has been feeding longer and therefore filling out more.  (Also, they will need to learn some basic toileting skills because, quite frankly, leaving their poop out for all to see is just in poor taste.)  But, holy cow, this happened in about a 24-hour time period because I could swear everything looked fine and dandy yesterday.  I’m hoping the kids get to watch the transformation of these little guys.

Listen to me, sounding all outdoorsy…

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  1. Look at you….girlfriend, next you’ll be buying a tent!

    • Ummm…we had a tent. And a camping stove. The whole ‘camping’ thing lasted for one summer. Loved sitting around the fire, toasting marshmallows. Did NOT, however, love the daddy long legs dropping on me. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

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