Thoughtful Teacher Gifts: Gift cards, but with a twist

Super quick post today since it’s about teacher gifts and school is out in about two days, if it hasn’t already finished in your neck of the woods.


The end of June snuck up on me, as it always does, with everything coming to a head: dance recitals, soccer tournaments, end-of-school projects and birthday parties. Oh, and a Spartan race. So the idea of shopping for our kids’ teachers was somewhere in the back of my mind till about, oh, last Wednesday.

Here’s what I made for my 6-yr olds’ Montessori teachers last week, as they finished school before my older kids. It’s The Essential LMMH Emergency Last-Day-of-School Kit! I knew I wanted to incorporate a photo of the kids and their teachers (since this is their last year there) and how cute are the pics as little cover-page inserts in these micro binders?? A small Starbucks gift card, fun candy, tissues and a metallic Sharpie for writing in the yearbook round out the offerings.

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts on a budget

And I packaged it like this, with some ribbon in school colours, hot glue and a stick-on gem. These gifts were a HUGE hit with our teachers. Sometimes the best ideas come to me at the eleventh hour. Pretty sure that’s my superpower.
Thoughtful Teacher Gift - the Essential Last-day-of-school kit

So then I had to think of an equally cool idea for my elementary-aged kiddos. So I thought: MOVIES! Again, a homemade card in the movie theme and in the popcorn bowl: a box of popcorn, movie theatre-size Skittles and Smarties and a Cineplex gift card. Boom. Wrapped up in cello wrap and some ribbon and it’s so fun-looking!

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts - home made movie theatre package with gift card

With a total of eight teachers to shop for (and I get that the gift-giving is a choice, not mandatory), I didn’t want to break the bank, yet I wanted the gifts to be fun and/or meaningful in some way. I know teachers are fans of gift cards and I thought this was a way to incorporate them into something different.

Also, you don’t need to spend a lot in order to achieve this, mind you, again, with eight teachers, it does add up. I shopped for my goodies at Staples, Bulk Barn, Target (including Starbucks), local dollar stores and Cineplex and the cards were home made.

Do you think your teachers would go for gifts like these?

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  1. Love these gift ideas. So thoughtful and unique. What teacher wouldn’t looooove these? So creative and useful too. The peered teacher gift combination.

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