That Time We Were Downright Handy

Newsflash: we are not the fixer-upper type of people. Tonight, however, we were fan-freaking-tastically, downright handy. You see, our kitchen faucet had been slowly dying and finally bit the dust this evening. Surprisingly, my husband and I replaced it without losing our shit. In fact, we were so ridiculously, downright handy that we kept finding excuses to turn on the faucet just to admire its flow. Kinda like pausing in front of a mirror an ungodly number of times a day to admire your a back tattoo (hypothetically speaking) — only better, ’cause you can actually see the water.

That time we replaced the kitchen faucet and didn't lose our shit.

We may not be handy, but we can follow directions like a boss.

We Can’t All Be the Tims

You’re laughing; likely because you are the Tim “the Toolman” Taylor to our Al. But guess what? We can’t all be the Tims. The Als of this world deserve to be recognized because while it may not come easy, we get the job done.

I’ve gotta give mad props to my husband for tackling this project. I’d like to think I was indispensible; however, he was the one sweating under the sink with water and debris dripping onto his head. Instead, I put my superb literary skills to the test by reading the instructions and handing over the instruments tools with the precision of an ER nurse. Teamwork, you guys!

Twice in the last couple of weeks Jeff has shown off how downright handy he can be. He went all ‘electrician’ and actually repaired our basement fridge with the help of Google and a couple of parts he ordered online. If I sound surprised it’s because I am — but not for the reason you’re thinking.

Gotta Have Faith

I absolutely have faith in my husband’s abilities, but usually we have neither the time nor the patience for these types of household fix-ups. I’m all about sourcing this stuff out to the professionals. So the fact that he dived head first into these projects is surprising — yes — but also wonderful.

I’m not sure that Jeff set out to prove anything but tonight’s project was much more than an IKEA special. It was dirty and frustrating and out of our element. He didn’t ask for my help but I stayed (didn’t seem right that he should do it alone). Completing it together, though, not only saved us some cash but proved that we are capable of more than we think. (I think the nostalgia of 15 years of marriage is getting to me.)

The Nitty Gritty

All told, we installed our shiny, new Peerless faucet in about two hours. The bonus was that, despite the last-minute purchase, it was on sale for $99! Winning! The only casualty was a bit of the counter top that broke with the removal of the old faucet. Bummer. Thinking some caulking around the base of the faucet should do the trick to hide it. For now, we are content to stand at the sink, admiring its beauty and a water pressure the likes of which we haven’t seen in over five years.

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  1. Haha! Anytime my husband actually fixes something after I beg him to please, let’s just hire someone, I am blown away. Enjoy the faucet!

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