Tough Mudder or Bust!


As far as Saturdays go, this one is about to go down in history books as either very stupid or ultimately epic.

My husband and I (and our friends, Brian and Laura, in the other car) are heading to Tough Mudder at Mount St. Louis today. It’s early. Still dark out. Surprisingly, there are quite a few vehicles on the road at this hour. Maybe they’re all headed to the same destination. Or maybe I’m rambling.

So, basically, as I sit here, blogging from my iPhone, I am FREAKING OUT!

My stomach is all flip-floppy. And my mind keeps doing things like THINKING ABOUT OBSTACLES. In fact, I could barely read those thoughtful, information-laden emails from the kind organizers at Tough Mudder (oh, here’s a sneak peek at our EVEN HARDER COURSE) at the risk of puking from the sheer nerves. And while everyone has been so supportive I’m wondering what the hell I’m doing.

It’s not on my bucket list, per se, as I already have done one other obstacle course race. It wasn’t a dare. It’s not even an excuse to get out of working on a Saturday. Or getting rid of the kids for a night.

Actually, I know exactly why I’m doing Tough Mudder. It’s because last year I all but crossed my arms, stomped my foot and pouted in the corner when my husband, Brian and Laura did the race together. Jealousy consumed me. Not because of the race itself but because they had shared this bonding experience that I could never understand. I didn’t want to hear or talk about the Mudder. I was a complete ass and my reaction was totally unwarranted and unfair to them.

Also, I’d like to be able to look at the color orange again without being sent into a jealous rage because, let’s be honest, orange is the new black and I wear it well.


All petty jealousies aside, this is going to be a morning I’ll never forget (barring head trauma of some sort). I’m focused on survival with no broken bones or injuries thankyouverymuch. Also, I’m assuming adrenaline will kick in before the dehydration; in fact, I’m counting on it. I’ve trained (a bit). I’ve practiced my cussing. I’ve got my gear. I’ve got my gel packs and fancy jelly beans. But most of all I’ve got a team that’s got my back and at the end of the day that’s what the Tough Mudder run is all about. Teamwork. Camaraderie. And I hear there’s beer at the finish line. So it’s also about beer.


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