Warm and fuzzies and butterfly kisses: #ThisIsBliss

Have you ever stopped to think about what ‘bliss’ means to you? No? Well, Blissdom Canada challenged us to discover our bliss and I believe it is an ever-growing, always-evolving list of sorts. A list that kind of makes you stop and think of those moments…that moment…where you pause and think: Ahhh, bliss.

Bliss, to me, is case of the warm and fuzzies. It’s a feeling you get from, quite simply, a something or a someone that has stirred within you a certain je ne sais quoi that makes you want to go, “Ahhh, bliss.”

It can be something that brings a smile to your face or warmth to your heart. It can come from something you ate or drank or saw or heard. Bliss is love, comfort, happiness, contentment, nostalgia.

#ThisIsBliss Blissdom Canada asks: What's your bliss? http://diaryofadomesticdiva.com

To me:

Bliss can be something as simple as waking up and having a really great stretch in the morning. It can be getting the kids off to school on time with NO arguments.

Bliss is a scent that evokes a memory (Drakar Noir: first boyfriend butterflies), a song that evokes a feeling (Careless Whisper by Wham: the pure 80s junior high angst that comes from wondering if he’ll ask me to dance, ok, maybe not a blissful feeling at the time, but looking back, Awww…), a comfort food, a warm blanket, a crackling fire, a good book, a glass of wine.

Bliss is surmounting the seemingly insurmountable…literally. From 5Ks to 10Ks, I’m a Warrior, a Tough Mudder and now a Spartan. I know I will keep pushing the boundaries of what I think I’m capable of doing.

Bliss is a day at the beach for six or a weekend getaway for two.

Bliss is not having to scrub the toilets.

Bliss is the kids’ artwork hanging in the kitchen, their laughter ringing through the house.

Bliss is squeezy hugs and butterfly kisses.

Bliss is the smell of sunscreen and summer, beach toes and sunkissed skin.

Bliss is my husband saying, “I love you, Beautiful,” when I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet.

Bliss is figuring out html code!

Bliss is crawling into a freshly-made bed with cozy, clean sheets.

Bliss is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s without guilt.

Bliss is having a really good hair day and wearing those really great jeans even after that pint of ice cream.

Bliss is my dad’s art. And my husband’s cooking.

Bliss is knowing someone has taken the time to read something you’ve written.

Bliss is watching your child’s piano recital or Christmas concert or soccer tournament or dance show. And crying happysadproud tears.

Bliss is baking. For fun.

Bliss is talks with my dad and happy memories of my mom.

Bliss is finding a ten dollar bill in that jacket I wore last spring. Because, hey, free money.

Bliss is knowing all the words to the song.

Bliss is a great cup of coffee, on the deck, in the sun.

Bliss is familia. And Spain. And paella, gazpacho and tortilla.

Bliss is friendships.

All the moments that bring me life, love and laughter: #ThisIsBliss

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