We don’ wan’ no stinkin’ eggs, man!

Last year, our front porch, pumpkins included, got egged on Halloween night.    It was especially disheartening to have to explain to my children, then aged 7, 4 and 2 + 2, that there are kids out there who think a prank, in the form of disrespecting someone else’s property, is funny.

It’s not.

Not to mention, eggs are a beotch to clean off of concrete.

And though I have no idea who the culprits were (I’m going on the assumption there was more than one and also that they were teenagers), no doubt they are ‘good’ kids from ‘good’ families.  My kids are not perfect, but you can be sure if they were caught doing anything like this, there would be serious consequences, including, and not limited to, apologizing to the family and cleaning up the mess.

So parents, please count the eggs in the carton before your kids step out and check them again when they return.  For that matter, best check the TP supply.  And be wary of extra cartons in the recycling bins.  Because, really, who’d want to disappoint a crew like this?

The 2010 Crew

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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