You think I’m idling? Drive on…

So, my nose is a little bent out of joint. This morning I dropped my older two kids at their bus stop before continuing on to drive the younger two to their school. The usual. While the days are certainly milder, there was a discernible nip in the air and, since I hadn’t parked in the garage overnight, the van was chilly.

Now, picture it: I’m parked at the bus stop for no more than four minutes, have JUST kissed the big kids good bye and am getting back into my van when a woman pulls up along side and says something along the lines of, “It’s too nice to be idling. It’s not so cold that you need it on and with kids outside more…” and she may have said more but I simply replied, “Yes, I usually turn it off,” though I had no reason to explain myself to her.

Now, at the risk of sounding all high-and-mighty, I am very conscious of our environment and I DO make it a point of shutting off the ignition whenever I’m parked for more than a few minutes. I shut it off in the line-up at the school kiss-and-ride, in the drive-thru and yes, even at the bus stop.

So when Madam JudgyPants, who had no idea how cold my van was or how long I’d been parked there, decided to counsel me on my environmentally-offensive act of idling my vehicle, yeah, it rubbed me the wrong way.


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