3 Signs You’re Hooked on Netflix

I may be hooked on Netflix but I am giving the ol’ Netflix and chill moniker a run for its money. It’s Friday night. 10:19pm. Kids are sleeping and this gal right here is leading the glamorous life. That’s right, the wine is poured, the gelato has been scooped and I…am here: Netflix and blogging. Rarely is there one with out the other. You can also find me Netflix and working, Netflix and sweating & Netflix and sleeping. Consider me addicted. And I know I’m not alone.

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Lately I’ve been juggling a lot of balls; actually, that’s not true. I’ve been dropping more than I’ve been keeping balls in the air. I’m not sure that there really exists a work-life balance, but even so, I’ve given up on trying to achieve it. Instead, I balance my work and my life with my workouts, long walks, meditation and a little lot of Netflix on the side — after the kids have gone to bed.

Oh, I know I’m not the only one. Recently, Netflix released the latest set of hooked episodes (you know: that one episode that kept 70% of viewers watching until the end of the first season) of some of its most popular series. In doing so, they discovered viewing behaviour — and fandom — is quite universal.

Interestingly, the hooked episode for Canadian users was the same as the global hooked episode for several series including The Fall (Ep. 2), Grey’s Anatomy (Ep. 2), Love (Ep. 3), Making a Murderer (Ep. 4), Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Ep. 4) and Narcos (Ep. 3). *Starts editing Netflix List of must-see shows.*

Cool, though, right? How many of these series have you watched? I’m totally into Grey’s (though I’m late to the party) but never did get through Making a Murderer (I don’t think I got to episode 4).

However, there were some shows that Canucks caught onto before the rest of the world such as Gilmore Girls (Canadian Hooked episode was 5, the Global Hooked episode of 7) and The Good Wife (Canadian Hooked episode was 5, the Global Hooked episode of 6). Pfft. We have got this binge-watching thing figured out. Related: Gilmore Girls is coming back!!!

Here are 3 Signs You Know You’re Hooked on Netflix

  1. You refer to your Friday night plans as hanging out with Derek & Meredith.
  2. You marathon-watch every new series the second it’s released and then proceed to tease everyone on social media about it without dropping spoilers.
  3. Bill Nye said so.

Still wondering why the urge to turn on Netflix supersedes that of mainstream TV? Remember Bill Nye, the Science Guy? He’s got it all figured out.

What’s on YOUR must-see list?

*In the interest of full disclosure: I would like to point out that I have been a hardcore Netflix fan — and written about it — since before it was considered cool. The only difference now is, as a member of Netflix Canada’s #StreamTeam, I receive some fun, free goodies in exchange for my candid monthly posts. Cool, eh?

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